Meet James


My name is James and I have a bad case of wanderlust. I’ve had the good fortune of being able to live in and visit some desirable locations:

1. I’ve lived in two countries: the United States and France.

2. I’ve visited or driven through 30 (+8 more states since I last updated this page in 2017) of 50 US states. Shooting for all 50 before I turn 50 😉

3. I’ve been to five countries (USA, UK, France, Italy, and Canada). I’m working to try to change that.

My goal with Finndings is to show you some awesome places out there in the USA and abroad. I hope my writing, photos, and videos compel you to explore!


Connect with me on TwitterLinkedIn, or watch my films on Vimeo. I am also affiliated with Not A Gym Podcast. If you need digital marketing advice, please check out my consulting practice, Minitrue Storytellers.