Wake Up and Go!

By James F. Finn

While it may not be Ironman Kona, the annual Greenwich Cup Triathlon provides athletes from the tri-state area a worthy challenge and great scenery.

The half-mile swim, 15 mile cycling ride and three mile run is sponsored by Threads and Treads – a fabulous family run sporting goods shop that has been in Greenwich since 1979. Mickey Yardis and his son Matt are known for stocking high quality apparel for amateur to advanced endurance athletes. Threads and Treads is active in the community and hosts several events throughout year including a half-marathon, short runs, a “Tour de Greenwich” (20 miles) bike ride and  open-water swim to keep its residents in tip top shape.

The race kicks off at 7:00 AM sharp and the water in the Long Island Sound is pleasant for July. Athletes swim together in a pack. However expect to get an occasional kick to the face or somebody pulling at your calf muscles because of the crowd volume. The transition to the bike takes the rider from Tod’s Point in Old Greenwich through the backroads of Riverside, Cos Cob and back. After your arms, shoulders, back, calfs and hips are feeling heavy, the run is treated by many as either a cool down or a brutal sprint. To this writer, the latter holds preference.

Coming home to Greenwich this weekend reminds me of how important a shop like Threads and Treads is to the community and to anyone wanting to unleash his/her inner triathlete.

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